When your HAVEN Central Air Monitor was initially installed, your technician entered your HVAC systems' filter information. Our software provides you with a nifty tool to help you know when to change your filter when certain metrics are taken into consideration. If you think your filter data is out of date or you've recently swapped it out, we have a simple way for you to keep this filter data current.

Where does it live?

  1. Open up the HAVEN IAQ app

  2. Click on the Menu mceclip1.png  (top left corner)

  3. Click “My Home”

  4. Tada!

One of the factors used to determine your filter lifetime is the HVAC Fan Runtime. If your air isn’t being activated frequently, that means your filter isn’t being used and its lifetime will be extended.

If your air handler is activating your air for long periods of time, that means you’re getting regular filtration and your filter will likely need to be changed more frequently. Don’t worry though, that’s a good thing! It’s taking more particles out of your air, leaving your home cleaner than it would be if it wasn’t filtering the air.

What to do when it’s time for a filter change?

  1. Under the Filter Lifetime graph, scroll all the way over to the right side. You’ll find a button that says “Update Filter”. Click it!

    Screenshot_20220418-101932_HAVEN_IAQ.jpg     Screenshot_20220415-114734_HAVEN_IAQ__1_.jpg  Screenshot_20220415-114741_HAVEN_IAQ__1_.jpg

  2. HAVEN will automatically populate the filter form with your previous dimensions and filter rating. You can change them if you’ve decided to go with a different kind of filter this time around.

  3. When you finish the sequence, HAVEN will present you with a fresh new Filter Lifetime graph, showing the lifetime of your filter = 100%.

Need help with the physical filter replacement?

Here are instructions on How to replace my HVAC filter. 


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