HAVEN’s first 3rd party IAQ monitor integration is LIVE!


You might be wondering why we’ve chosen to partner with 3rd party IAQ monitors instead of build our own room monitors. As a small company, we’ve done our best to focus our hardware efforts on whole-home detection and activation of IAQ solution equipment. We do however believe that there is a time and a place for room-level monitoring, especially for parameters like CO2 and radon. And for that, why fight what works?

We’ve chosen to increase the value HAVEN provides building out an integration with radon detection industry leader, Ecosense. This is an important step we’re taking towards our future vision of being a brand-agnostic platform that can take inputs from a the best IAQ monitors on the market to bring you well-informed whole-home IAQ automations and equipment diagnostics.

What you’ll be able to do TODAY:

For Homeowners



What’s coming SOON:

For Pros

  • Pro access to customers' Ecosense EcoQube data via the HAVEN Pro Portal.

  • Adding your customers' Ecosense EcoQube as an input for IAQ automations.



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