Why link accounts?

By linking your Ecosense account to your HAVEN account, you can now view your localized radon data together with your whole-home data. In the near future, HAVEN will be able to use this EcoQube data as an input for your whole-home ventilation automations, ensuring prompt action is taken if radon levels increase.

How can it be accessed

  • To associate any 3rd party accounts to your HAVEN account & dwelling, you need to be logged in as the admin user for the dwelling.

  • Go to Menu / Account

  • Click “Link Third-Party Account”

  • Select the type of account you’d like to link.

  • Enter your Ecosense login credentials & click “Sign in

  • HAVEN and Ecosense will establish the account link.
    HAVEN-App_Ecosense-connecting.png    HAVEN-App_Ecosense-account-linked.png

  • Associate your Ecosense EcoQube with an existing or new zone in your HAVEN dwelling.HAVEN-App_Ecosense-dwelling-association.png    

  • If the room in which your EcoQube is placed is in the SAME zone as your HAVEN Monitor, select “Existing”. If your EcoQube is in a zone that is NOT in the same zone as your HAVEN Monitor, select “Create New”. **Please note: HAVEN defines a “Zone” as the area of a home that is serviced by ONE air handler.

    HAVEN-App_Ecosense-dwelling-zone-options.png.   HAVEN-App_Ecosense-dwelling-zone-selected2.png


  • Once associated with a dwelling and zone, the linking process is complete!HAVEN-App_Ecosense-linked.png

How to unlink my Ecosense account?

  • Go to Menu / My Account

  • Click into your Ecosense account

  • Click “Unlink”

  • To see the changes, you’ll need to close and reopen the HAVEN App. It may take up to 5 minutes for the changes to be reflected.


How to view my EcoQube data in the HAVEN App?

Read this article.

How to get an Ecosense EcoQube?

Buy yours today!



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