When would you want to adjust it?

  • If you prefer a higher or lower Relative Humidity level for comfort reasons,

  • OR if you live in a region with cold, dry winters with a Humidifier. In this situation your HVAC service company will likely recommend that you lower your Setpoint to prevent condensation build up on windows and doors, or even prevent harm to your HVAC equipment.


1. Open up the Automations tab in the HAVEN IAQ app.

2. Pick the Humidifier or Dehumidifier you want to change the Relative Humidity Setpoint for.


3. Click the “Edit” button in the bottom right corner.


4. Select the Routine you want to update.



5. Click “Edit Settings”.


6. Scroll down to view the Setpoint dropdown picker.



7. Tap the dropdown picker and scroll to your desired Setpoint.



8. Click “Ok”.



9. When you get back to the Settings page, you can review the info again before clicking “Save”. HAVEN will let you know if the Setpoint you chose is within the recommended range or not.

10. Review your changes and click “Confirm” if all’s well.


Enjoy your new HAVEN Automation!



If you want to apply the same changes across multiple days, you can do so when you are back on the Equipment page, again from the “Edit” button in the bottom right corner.




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  • Steve

    The Have IAQ app i have provides NO option to change settings. I have spoke to the installer and he forwarded an email from Haven stating this is something they expect to have deployed soon. Why is it this is online?


    For the cost of the equipment and installation the homeowner should be able to control all aspects of the system.


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