• Intro to your “What’s going on” section

    • This section gives you a quick overview based on the timeframe you select.
      Click through Live/Day/Week/Month to toggle the content underneath and see how the metrics change!

  • HAVEN Score card

    • Get an understanding of how your Score is changing over time. Is it increasing? Decreasing? Staying the same? Click through to the HAVEN Score page from here and dive into areas that may need some tender loving care to get your Score up!

  • Indoor air quality card

    • What’s your air doing now? Heads up! The status shown here is currently indicating which air quality parameter could be enhanced with a bit of active air management. You can click into this card to explore the data under a Live/Hour/Day/Week lens.

    • If your Readings have expired, you have two options:

      • If you have a HAVEN Controller installed with your air handler, you can click “Get new readings” which will activate your air handler for a 5-minute interval so HAVEN can get up to speed with what’s going on in your air.

      • If you don’t have a HAVEN Controller installed, here are instructions for how you can activate your air handler yourself, manually: How to activate my air.

  • Blower equipment card

    • Your “blower equipment” is whichever air handler your HAVEN Monitor was installed with. It’s also the equipment that circulates the air through your home, or the particular zone it’s installed in. This is usually either a Central Air Handler or some kind of mechanical ventilation equipment like an ERV or HRV.

    • This card will tell you if your blower is currently on — and why!

      • If you have a HAVEN Controller, you’ll know if it’s on to provide your scheduled circulation or if it’s responding to filtration or ventilation issues in your home.

      • If you don’t have a HAVEN Controller, we can still tell you if it’s on, as the HAVEN Monitor has a super sophisticated airflow sensor! Pretty spiffy right?

  • IAQ Controls equipment card

    • IAQ Controls equipment is what we call any additional equipment that is hooked up via HAVEN Automations to respond to issues in your home.

    • You might have your Central Air Handler (this could be the same blower equipment you see above in the blower equipment card) handling not only Filtration issues but also Ventilation issues. In this case, there will be 2 cards for this piece of equipment.

    • You might have some mechanical ventilation equipment like an ERV or HRV responding to Ventilation issues.

    • Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are also likely candidates to show up here, helping to regulate your relative humidity levels.

  • Highlights from the “Upcoming” section:

    • Based on your HAVEN data, predictions about upcoming filter maintenance will appear here. You’ll know how many days are left before HAVEN recommends checking and changing your filter. It will direct you to the exact dimensions and rating of your current filter, making it easy for you to add to your shopping list in preparation for the change, or letting your HVAC company know when they come to service your equipment

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