Have you previously wanted to VIEW or EDIT your automation settings?

What about ACTIVATING one of your Automations outside of when HAVEN was detecting out-of-the-ordinary levels? You’re used to having control over your temperature via a thermostat, why not your air quality and comfort?

Depending on what kind of automation you had set up, you may not have been able to customize the settings to your liking.


You may have had to call up your HVAC Pro and ask them to change one of these settings for you. And there was never an ability for you to turn on your solution equipment if you felt the need to make your home more comfortable.

You now have more control over your Automations than ever before.

After all, you’re the ones that are living with the HVAC system in your home, and you’ve likely paid a pretty penny for new filtration, ventilation or humidity control equipment too!

The HAVEN IAQ App has become a remote control for your IAQ equipment: VIEW, EDIT and OVERRIDE any type of Automation that’s set up in their home. You also have the ability to edit the Circulation Schedule for Awake and Sleep Routines.

How can it be accessed

Head on over to the Menu / My Home:

  • System tab:

    • Shows you the HAVEN Monitors and Controllers you have installed. If you have multiple zones set up in your home, you can switch which zone you are viewing in the top right corner of the app.

    • Tells you what each Controller is connected to and controlling

      • Click through to see what kind of Automations each piece of equipment is a part of!


Automations tab:

  • VIEW all Automations in this zone by IAQ pillar: Filtration, Ventilation, Humidity Control and Circulation. You’ll see what combination of equipment is part of each Automation here too.


  • To EDIT Automation settings, tap “View details” from your list of Automations.



  • To turn the Automation on/off, tap “VIEW DETAILS” and then select “OVERRIDE”



Still to come…

  1. You may notice a lag when you log into the app for the first time. We’re working to increase the efficiency in the back end, don’t worry!

  2. Also, the Dashboard won’t show you all the equipment that is installed in your home quite yet. We’re chipping away at this and should have more updates coming your way soon. For now, just use the My Home/Automations page for reference.

We’re so excited to provide our HAVEN homeowners with this level of interaction, it’s something we know you’ve wanted for a long time.

Take care and breathe better folks!



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