If you are moving, wish to reposition the HAVEN Central Air Monitor, or simply wish to remove the Monitor, please follow the steps listed below. If you’re uncomfortable with removing the HAVEN Central Air Monitor yourself, please speak with your local contractor. 

Steps to remove a Monitor from your central air system

  1. Firstly, ensure that power to the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is switched to the OFF position.

    • If the device is powered by the furnace (eg. R & C terminals), this may require powering down your entire furnace or AC system for safety.

    • If you are using a transformer or wall outlet, please ensure that this is powered down before removing the Monitor.

  2. Remove the Central Air Monitor from the faceplate by sliding it towards you and out of the duct. You may feel or hear a slight click; this indicates that the interlock is releasing the Monitor.

  3. Carefully unscrew the terminals on the underside of the Monitor to free it.

    • If the Monitor was powered by dry contact or a transformer, you may also remove the wiring at this point. 

  4. Remove the faceplate by unscrewing the hex head screws. You may find that the rubber gaskets also slip out at this time.

  5. To ensure good airflow in your system after removing the Central Air Monitor, we suggest that you cover the opening with silver foil tape. Not only does this have great adhesive properties, but it also restores the ductwork's appearance.

    • If you don't have silver foil tape, good electrical tape or a similar adhesive will suffice.

  6. Switch your furnace or AC system back on and inspect your ductwork cover-up!

If you're planning to re-install the Monitor, we recommend gathering all the accessories (eg. gaskets, screws, etc.) and storing them in a safe place for future installation.

If you would like to return your Monitor, please email us at or contact us by phone at +1 888 964 2836. Once the return request is approved, we will email/send you the return documents and labels. All that's left to do is drop it off at your local FedEx Ship Centre!




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