The HAVEN product ecosystem (both the Central Air Monitor and Controller) is designed to function in a central forced-air system. Because, the HAVEN Central Air Monitor is installed directly in ducts to gain accurate readings, it is compatible with any HVAC system that uses ductwork to transfer air through the home.


These ducts will be connected to one of the following systems:

  • HVAC systems with dedicated return and/or supply ductwork
  • Rooftop Unit (RTU) / Make-Up Air (MUA) / Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • Furnace (with or without AHU)
  • Air Handler

The following systems are ductless and likely not compatible with the Central Air Monitor:

  • Ductless installations
  • Split/Mini-Split Systems
  • Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)


For more information, check out this article on the different types of HVAC systems.

If you cannot find your system type here or have any additional questions about the compatibility of your HVAC system, please contact our dedicated Support Team via



Interested in installing a HAVEN Central Air Monitor? 

Speak with your HVAC contractor to book an installation. If your contractor is not currently carrying HAVEN products, they can reach out to us at for more information. 




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