The HAVEN Central Air Controller is a vital component of the HAVEN offering.

It works in tandem with your HAVEN Central Air Monitor, providing you with active air management that responds to your changing life, automatically.


Simply put, it connects your existing HVAC equipment to a WiFi-enabled ecosystem, allowing HAVEN to automate that very same equipment when your air quality could be better.

A slightly techier description: it’s an IoT device with 2 dry-contact relays and can automate up to 2 different pieces of equipment OR 2 functions on one piece of equipment. It can be retrofitted with any piece of equipment up to 24VAC.

On-demand air quality

1. Professional install & setup

After Controller gets wired up to your home’s HVAC equipment alongside a Central Air Monitor (professional installation is key!), Automations are set up based on the type of equipment it’s installed with (see above list), to create your very own active air management system.

2. #breathebetter Automations

Powered by readings from the Monitor, the Controller automates HVAC equipment at the right time to maintain cleaner and more comfortable air. You can have peace of mind that your home’s air quality is being managed, automatically.

3. Trusted recommendations

Equipment usage and air quality readings can be used to inspire honest conversations between you and your HVAC Pro. These readings can also enhance the probability of success that your Pro’s recommendations will have — helping to improve your home environment & helping you #breathebetter.

It’s designed to connect to…

  • Central air handlers

  • Mechanical ventilation (like ERVs, HRVs)

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Humidifiers

Heads up! It cannot support equipment that draws more than 2A.

Best suited for people who…

  • Want their air actively managed for them.

  • Want to manage their HVAC equipment all in one place.

  • Don’t need (or want) their air handler fan running all the time.

  • Have one or more pieces of equipment that are installed to treat the air.

  • Want to maximize what they get out of the solution equipment they have installed already or are planning to install in the future.

How do I get a Controller installed?

  • Contact us first if you have any questions about how the Controller can help you get the most out of your HVAC system AND your air.
  • Ready to have your air-activated?! Contact your HVAC Pro to set up an appointment.


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