We’re excited to announce that we’ve released Version 4.7 of our app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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New Account Onboarding Process

When a user creates an account, they will now be asked if they want to setup an account as a homeowner or a professional. When creating a homeowner account, the app will ask a few questions about the homeowner's location, IAQ concerns and whether they have a compatible central air system. 

Support Links

We've recently moved our support resources from Atlassian Service Management to Zendesk. When going to the support center in the app, the user will be directed to We'll be adding more help desk articles to make this help center more useful in coming weeks. 

General Improvements

We also made a change to how data is synced from the cloud to the app during usage, which should result in faster load times and less frequent requests for data updates. The Live data in the Dashboard should still updated once every few minutes, 



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