Original Release Date: February 24, 2021


We’re excited to announce that we’ve released Version 4.6 of our app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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This release includes an exciting new feature for homeowners: The System Page! On this page, a homeowner can view their filter lifetime, update their filter after a change, and update their home’s address details and IAQ polluting and cleaning sources.

System Page - My Home View

User can monitor their system’s filter lifetime and HVAC system, as well as view the details about their HAVEN devices. This page is meant to illustrate these different components that are all connected and have impact on the home/building’s air quality.


Here’s a detailed description of the new System page:

  • Filter Lifetime: Provides overview of when filter was installed, and its degradation over time, using HVAC run time. We’re comparing this more intelligent estimate with the manufacturer’s estimated lifetime. Manufacturers base lifetime off of the HVAC system running for 30% of the time.
  • Fan Activity: Shows the average daily percentage of fan activity
  • Next Filter Change: displays the days until next filter change based on same calculation as filter lifetime
  • Filter Status: A rating for your filter based on the percentage left. This is mapped as follows:
    • Good: 100-66.6%
    • Fair: 66.6-33.3%
    • Poor: 33.3-0%
  • Filter Install Date: The date the filter was installed / swapped out.
  • Filter Type: Includes the filter thickness, dimensions and rating/type (MERV/MPR) that was collected during the last filter change. We hope that this makes it easy for the homeowner to go out and purchase a filter on their own or when communicating with their HVAC professional.
  • Update Filter: This is where a homeowner can update filter details after a changeout.
    • Note: it’s important to record it in the app to allow the calculations to reset and provide accurate data
  • Equipment: This shows what type of equipment the Central Air Controller is connected to, set during installation (eg “Central Air Handler”)
  • HAVEN Central Air Monitor: This includes the HAVEN Serial, Nickname (editable), Zone, Installation type, and Default device toggle. The homeowner can edit the Nickname and the Default device, but all other data here is set by the HAVEN Pro during installation.

System Page - Settings View

My Home- Settings page allows users to select what kind of polluting and cleaning sources they have in their home. This can help make them more aware of what affects their air quality, provides context for their service techs later on when troubleshooting & suggesting recommendations, and also will make our notifications more relevant to their customized settings later on. This page is also where a homeowner can find their Dwelling Details, whih is \set up during the installation. In this section, the user can also make this the “default” dwelling, if they have more than one.


Inside of the Settings page, the homeowner can configure the following:

  • Sources: This helps the homeowner keep track of items in and around the home that contribute to making the indoor air quality both better and worse. Each of these provides a selection of factors that can affect the homeowners air quality in good or bad ways. They can select or deselect the tags that are appropriate for them.
  • Dwelling Details: Here is where a homeowner can find their home’s address details. This is set by the Pro during installation, but the details can all be changed by the homeowner afterwards. There is also a toggle for the “Default home”, which is used to preload this home’s data into the app first (useful when a homeowner has more than one home with HAVEN devices).



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