In this section, we will troubleshoot some common cases that may affect your HAVEN Central Air Monitor. Let's consider your home's WiFi network and any local power issues that may have cropped up.

WiFi Down/Signal Dropped

Has your WiFi network been interrupted recently? Is the connection down? The signal may have dropped resulting in the need to reconnect your cellphone, PC, or tablet to the WiFi network. Sometimes a quick router restart may be required to get your devices reconnected.

A quick visual inspection of the Monitor will help inform you of the next steps. If the LED is flashing BLUE we recommend committing a 2-second soft reset. This is a quick little reboot of the device. If your home's WiFi is online, the Monitor should automatically reprovision after the soft reset.

Signal strength

Is there a strong WiFi signal at the Monitor installation? A great way of testing this is to go to the Monitor location with your smartphone and check for WiFi connectivity by loading a Youtube video in high quality.


Can you connect to WiFi at the Monitor location? If the signal strength is weak (slow loading of websites or videos) the Monitor may need to be repositioned or a WiFi signal booster may be required.

Network Changes

Has there been a recent change to your WiFi network? If the WiFi credentials have changed recently (name & password) then the device will need to be re-provisioned to the updated WiFi network. 

You can set up your new router to accept the HAVEN Central Air Monitor or vise versa - reset the Monitor to accept the new WiFi SSID.

  • You can configure the new router so that the existing Monitor settings re-connect. To do this, you will need to set up the new router with the same SSID and password as the old one.

    • eg. If your SSID was named “AT&T0100” with a password of “12345678”, you can set your new modem up with the same settings.

    • Please refer to the router’s hardware details which display the login details with the default username and password to access your admin settings.

    • The Monitor will automatically reconnect after a power cycle or soft reset (2-second press on the reset button).




Much like WiFi interruptions, a short power outage will likely cause the router to disconnect and your Monitor connection will also drop off.

If you find your Monitor has powered down or disconnected from WiFi due to a power cut we recommend cycling the power to the device. This may require the 24V transformer to be plugged out for a few seconds and plugged back in. If your device is powered by your Air Handler or Furnace, resetting your HVAC system via the electrical disconnect is recommended.


LED Status

Every HAVEN Monitor has an LED indicator built into the device. This LED will be illuminated when powered up. Depending on the state the Monitor is in, it may flash or hold a solid colour but will always light up when power is applied correctly.

A quick rule of thumb - Flashing Green is online or good status, and Flashing Blue indicates more work is required to get the device online.

We've detailed every device state and LED colour here.



Can't resolve your issue? You can contact us on our dedicated Homeowner Support Line via 1-888-964-2836 or email



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