There may be occasions that require you to need to cycle the power to your HAVEN Central Air Monitor or commit a reset to clear any errors. Changes to your home's WiFi network or an unexpected disconnection will likely necessitate a hard reset.

This article tackles hard resetting the HAVEN Central Air Monitor in a step-by-step guide.

Check out our short video on when to use a short or hard reset below.



Please note: Once a hard reset is executed, the CAM will require a quick re-provision.

How to Hard Reset the Central Air Monitor

1. Insert a pin into the small hole to the left of the antenna and push down for 8-12 seconds.


2. The LED will turn solid blue which signals it’s ready to be reprovisioned to the home’s WiFi network through the HAVEN IAQ app.



3. Open up the HAVEN IAQ app and follow instructions on Provisioning the Central Air Monitor.


4. To re-provision the HAVEN Central Air Monitor, follow our Monitor Installation Guide.

   i) You will require access to install devices. If you don't have this feel free to reach out to our Customer          Service team 




If you are continuing to face issues with your HAVEN device or data, our dedicated Support Team can be contacted directly via +1 (888) 964-2836 or




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