UPDATE - Jan 15

  • Unfortunately the data collected during the Azure outage can not be restored, so there will be a short gap. We apologize for this, and have contingency plans in place so that this doesn't happen again. 


UPDATE - Jan 10, 1:30pm PST 

  • New telemetry ingest issues have been resolved - users should now be able to see data coming into the HAVEN IAQ App and Portal. Automations should be running normally.
  • We're attempting to determine if the data collected during the outage can be restored. 


Reported issue - Jan 10, 12:15pm PST

  • Users are seeing that their airflow/fan is off in the HAVEN IAQ app
  • They are reporting that they believe their devices is offline or malfunctioning and wondering if they need to reset the hardware

What is happening

Devices are actually online and connected; however, the data is being prevented from reaching our telemetry ingest so it can be visualized for our customers. The issue is with a Microsoft Azure service and we are working with them to fix the issue.

What to expect

  • Currently users cannot see new data in the HAVEN IAQ App and HAVEN Pro Portal
  • HAVEN Monitors and Controllers will appear offline
  • Equipment will not be automated based on HAVEN data



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